Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I Did When I Woke Up - My First Attempt At Erotic Fiction

The following entry features graphic sexual content.

I wake up, and I still have that picture in my head, the picture of your beautiful cock. And as I feel myself clench with pleasure, my mind starts to drift. Would you be standing up? Sitting down? All I know is that I will be on my knees before you. I can see it so vividly when I close my eyes. I don't bother to take off my panties, just start delicate tracing my clit through the fabric. It's
so sensitive this way! As my fingers move, I imagine what it would feel like to rub my face against your cock, feeling the exquisite softness of your skin stretched over the hardness underneath. It's like velvet, isn't it? So gentle against the skin of my face, stroking, stroking so much so that I can explore who wonderful it makes me feel. I don't allow my hand to move any faster than these delicate touches so that my mind and body can be tortured together.
My mouth is so dry, I'm so turned on that I have been gasping for air. I can't keep my hand from moving a little faster now. I know I can't take you in my mouth like this, so I take deep breaths through my nose instead, waiting for the moisture to return. My pussy isn't having any of this trouble. I'm only allowed to stroke my clit, but I can feel the wetness growing greater and greater with each touch. My mouth starts to water as I start to imagine having you inside me. My hand moves a little faster now.
But will you let me? I open my mouth again, a silent question, and you lean ever so slightly closer to me. I can't help it, I moan aloud, my hand moving faster now, still under control, but barely. I slip my lips over the head of your cock. It fills my mouth with satin and salt, something so hard and yet so soft at the same time. Oh! This is what I want so much right now! Moving my tongue around you as my body involuntarily shakes. I take more of you into my mouth. How much can I take? How much is too much? How much is too soon? Halfway down your shaft I stop and slowly slide my lips back to the beginning. So slowly, so wet, I want to explore you while I have this opportunity. Did I feel your breath change? I can't tell. I have a goal now, to feel your body tense and quiver, to hear your breath ragged in your throat, to move you to action and reaction and release.
I start again at the head of your cock, but this time, rather than please myself concentrating on how wonderful you feel to me, I start to explore. There so many places a tongue can go! Every little line, every vein, every place your tissues bend and swell feels like a mountain or a valley or a river to my questing tongue. And I find every one, working my way slowly down your shaft, glad that I am on my knees and don't have to use anything but my mouth for this. My hands are busy elsewhere, finding places in myself that mimic the places I am finding with my tongue. I am tensing and quivering, and can I hope that I am starting to take you with me? I reach the root of your cock, and inhale the scent I find there, musky and so very very commanding. I keep it with me as I move back to the head and again take you in my mouth.
I don't think I imagine it, I think you twitch just a little now, and I clench in response. It is all I can do to control myself now. I take your cock in my mouth and without warning slide it into my throat as far as I can manage. There's a trick to it I haven't forgotten after all this time. My mouth and throat are so full of you, the saliva is coming more and more and you are slicker and slicker as I pull myself up and down, up and down, as deep as I can take you, as shallow as I can go without losing you, again and again and again. I struggle to breath, I struggle to not swallow, I keep sucking you down and down and down and I can't control my hands any longer. I can feel you pounding in my pulse now, there is no softness at all here, just an iron shaft drilling to my center.
Reward! Your hands are in my hair, twining it through your fingers as you take control of my head. We are one now, my intent succumbing to your will. My hands are moving faster and faster now, hurting while giving me pleasure, the fabric of my panties rubbing me raw. Everything sense I have has been stolen by this bliss, my thoughts are gone, my will is gone, all that remains is a swelling pressure inside me as I come so very very close to climaxing. I feel you jerk inside my mouth, and suddenly I am drowning. You hold my face pressed to you, your cock deep inside my mouth and throat, as my mouth fills with your cum and my pleasure double in intensity. I struggle to breath, I can't help but whimper deep inside in involuntary reaction to this suffocation. You hear me, and withdraw just enough that I can swallow, still holding my head so tightly with my hair. I swallow and swallow, there is so much, I still can't breath, and as I reach the point where I need to beg you for air but can't because there is no way I can talk now I cum myself with unbelievable intensity. I am a river of fire, I am something other than human in this moment, I am a thing that can only feel as the waves of pleasure double and triple and divide and flow through me and over me. It goes on and on, and even after I am aware of myself again, held up by the strength of your hands in my hair, I can do nothing but sway on my knees in reaction, my arms limp at my sides, my body covered in sweat, my panties dripping, any thought of what I have been doing gone as I just react and bask in how I feel.

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