Monday, January 14, 2013

An Open Letter To Those Who Like Ambushes

Dear Asshats,

Here's a tip for all you troll-like sub-human twats who think it's a good idea to tell a woman how smart she is, then turn around and ignore everything she just said by trying to unethically trance her by sneaking an induction under the radar.

Are we clear?  Good.  Yes, I can be ambushed.  By two people who have made the cut, who have bothered to get to know me, who have bothered to build an honest, friendly rapport with me, and who, most importantly, do not treat me like a toy they found in the the street.  I'm sure that at some point someone else will make the list, because I really enjoy the feeling of minding my own business (or at least pretending to) and having someone swoop in and take me.
But you?  The tiny male mind saying "who me?" and looking around while feigning innocence?  Or you over there who is soooooo sorry, you don't know what came over you, you promise you won't do it again?  (Which, by the way, is what men say to women after they've hit them, as well.)  And even you, wondering how you came to be included in this group when all you did was ignore me when I said no and keep on asking and asking and asking?
And stay away from anyone I know, too.  While you're at it, stay away from anyone I don't know either.


  1. Well said. How stupid is it to try and stealth trance someone when you're not in the same room and may not even be on the same continent!


    Phil from hypbook

  2. Surely this is an open letter to asshats who attempt to ambush and stealth trance without being given permission or shown any indication that it'd actually be something the subject might enjoy? :P

    Some subjects quite like the idea of a devious tist having his or her wicked way with her. ;)

    Just innocently stating for the record.

    *whistles nonchalantly*

    1. *hears whistling, looks around, confused*

      For the record, (although I question your innocence)--

      There is nothing I can think of at the moment hotter than having someone whom I trust take me under, forcefully and commandingly, in such a way that I don't even notice the transition. Like a light switch (because you can flip those things on and off as much as you like.)

      So, yes. : )