Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Deeper - Such A Versatile Word

I had to take a break from writing. Actually, I got a little disheartened, because very few people actually still read anything on LiveJournal. Apparently. Bloggers I respect make jokes about people who post on LiveJournal. Hmmph. My favorite blogs are here, and that's why I decided to post here. Maybe at some point I'll do duplicate posts on blogger or, god forbid, spring for my own domain. But for now, here is where I'll stay. For one thing, while writing for someone else to read is the whole point, believing that no one is actually going to read any of this is very freeing.

I wanted to write a slightly smutty book that featured hypnotism. And somehow, on the very first page, it got less smutty and less hypnotismy. 'Cause that's a real word. My protagonist is a hypnotist, and there is at least one other character that he knows through that practice, but it's really about assumptions. And the truths about people that we only discover if we're willing to look...deeper. (That might be the back cover blurb. Right back there. What I just wrote. Hmmm.) Deeper is, of course, where you go in trance. Down, down, deeper, deeper, and the deeper you go, the better you feel, and the better you feel, the deeper you go. If it weren't for the fact that at some point every hypnotist on the planet has used that phrase I would feel like a plagiarist. Also, deeper than you've ever gone before. And, no matter how deep you go, you know you can always go deeper.

Which is true, by the way.

Also, I never heard back from my prospective hypno-smut buddy. How's a poor sheltered female supposed to get debauched if she gets virtually stood up? (Still trying to pursue this experience, or one similar to it. I will keep you updated.)

For now, I will have to get by with my imagination. And YouTube. Which is working out quite well for me.

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