Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Should Be Asleep

Create me
Recreate me
Destroy me
It's the same thing
In the end
We're all ashes again.

I'm so tired that I'm tping with my eyes shut, which is ackward because lately the "y" key on my laptop has been sticking, and with my ees shut I can't tell if I've typed anything. I've been up most of the night, (who am I kidding I've been up all night) and I just can't bear to let go and sleep. It's not the temperature in room, wich, as alwas, is cold, nor is it the snoring of m roommate upstairs. It's me. I have so much in my head again that, even though I can't keep m ees open, my thoughts are active and moving, a whirlpool current that leads to one place.


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