Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How I Spent My Day Off

I ahe a third ambusher.  I mean the alwoed kind.  And I have spent a day and a hafl in and out of thrnace, losing an hour here and an horu there, and had a lot of fun doing it.

At the meerest glimmer of th epossibility of going under I went uner.  If I thought about what it felt liek th elas time I ewent udner then I went under.  I played a prank on muserlf (as anyoen who erad the previous blog knowsl) and apparently I am plaing a pran on myself now.  I am normally pretty ananl retetntive abot umy typing, and someone has gone to some effor t o make this blog as interestingly typed as posbienl.

Or, as I aliek o call it, unreadable.  (Sure that woreld comes out clearly.)  So I can't acutally type nromeally and I can't fix it but I can write the shaoreitkkk bog ever.

Tnks, jsut thnks.


  1. SHORTEST. I can write the shortest blog ever. Figures that your name comes out correctly. (I'm not mad.)

  2. Cyric, I don't know you, but I salute you.

    Genius. Sheer genius.

    (Ms. Carson, I don't know you either... just wandering by. But I had to offer my compliments.)

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