Sunday, January 6, 2013

Running Late For Work

The following post contains sexual situations and images of a graphic nature.  Click at your own risk!
I've overslept. I've just woken up and checked the time and I have barely an hour in which to get to work. I'm half awake, trying to claw my way out of bed, when the picture that you sent me last night flashes before my eyes.
Your beautiful, beautiful cock.
And without warning, I am cumming, writhing in the sheets, digging my ass into the matress as my back arches and my hands scramble for something, anything, to hold onto.
I come back to myself with every nerve burning. Shit! I just lost 10 minutes, but I think I can still get everything done that I need to as long as I don't get distracted anymore. What's the bare minimum I need to do? Why can't I think? Right. Feed and water the cat. Iron a shirt and pants for work. Brush my teeth. Okay. I take care of the cat, plug in the iron, turn to pick up my toothbrush, when I see it again. It's so hard! I've lost my toothbrush, I'm gripping the edges of the sink to keep from falling, I'm whimpering to myself as all the muscles inside me pulse again and again. Why is this happening? My hands are shaking but I can stand without holding onto anything and manage to finish my tasks.
I only have 20 minutes now. What can I skip doing? My hands are still shaking. I can skip eyeliner, I'll probably just put my eye out anyway. So mascara and lipstick. That takes barely any time. And I've got to answer email. And I've got to eat breakfast. Thank god I managed to get my clothes on!
I sit to check my email and suddenly I can feel hands on my shoulders and hot breath on my neck. How is this happening to me? I am shaking in my chair, so close to cumming again, so wet and tight with need!
Shit! I've only got 5 minutes now. I'll take my breakfast to work and eat it there. Screw my email, it's not going anywhere. I make sure I've got all my stuff, grab my purse and head for the door. But I look back and realize that I've forgotten my car keys, they're in the room, I'm running so late now that I just dash and grab them.
And then I'm staring at my keys on the floor. They're an inch from my nose. My purse is flung across the room, my coat is half hanging off, and I can feel your hands on my shoulders effortlessly lifting me to my feet. You are silent, but you smile your evil smile and tell me to close my eyes. You move me backwards to the supporting post in the center of the room and suddenly I'm naked and my body is being jerked up against the post, I'm on the tips of my toes, you've got my arms stretched up with my wrists pinned down over my head. You are standing so close to me, I can feel the heat of your body, it makes all the tiny hairs across my skin rise up in response, but you just stand there! "Keep your eyes closed" you say, and I nod, trying not to tremble and failing, feeling my calfs beginning to burn from the strain of standing on my toes for so long.
Suddenly I feel your body heat disappear. My hands are still pinned by you, I'm sure of it, but I have no idea where you are! How are you doing this? I begin to breath harder, a little afraid now, but still so wet and so ready, and yearning for you. I feel your breath by my ear as you quietly say "Beg."
Please, oh please I need you inside of me so much! I want to feel you fuck me please, I can't stand the wanting you anymore, please, please Master fuck me fuck me please!
I am still begging when you drive your cock deep into me without warning. In seconds you are completely ensheathed within me and all my muscles tighten around you spasmodically. You withdraw nearly to the end of me, stroking every sensitive part of me with your cock and then shoving yourself back in all the way. Over and over, my body jarring into the post with the force of the impact. My wrists are still grinding into the post, I've got blood on my back, I can barely stand, your cock inside of me is the only thing holding me in place anymore and I want to scream in pain and pleasure but I can't seem to get the air to do anything more than whimper deep inside my throat. I feel your rhythm accelerate, and now you too are making noises of pleasure and we moan together. I can feel your cock jerk inside of me as you cum, and all my muscles tighten and grip you and pulsate against you as you spill yourself completely within me.
And just as I feel your cock start to still, you whisper in my ear one last time:
"You may."
And I fall off the post, I lose all control of my muscles and writhe on the floor in ecstasy as I cum and cum and cum. Every time I think I'm done I can feel you again, see your cock in my mind and the orgasm just goes on and on.
I come back to myself with the cat staring curiously into my face from two inches away. My pants are around my ankles, my shirt is a disaster, and the first two fingers of my right hand are sticky and slimy with my own juices.
How did you do it? I wonder to myself, then check the clock.
Goddammit! I'm late for work!


  1. Nice story... Or is it more?

    1. Ha! This one is all fabrication, but a fun idea for someone I think if they wanted inspiration.