Saturday, February 23, 2013


There is an acting exercise with which anyone who has ever taken Acting 101 should be familiar.  (Joey did it in an episode of 'Friends' once as well, so probably familiar to anyone really.)  Working with another person, you say something, a line from whatever you're working on maybe, whatever's in your head, perhaps the teacher told you what to say; it doesn't really matter so long as you say it to the other person.  They repeat the line.  You repeat the line.  And with each repetition, the intention behind the line changes and you start to communicate how and what you are feeling without ever needing to change the words.  The connection that grows between the two in that series of moments can become penetrative and contemplative, intimate and efluant, fluid and overwhelming--and often exposes feelings that the actors never realized they had before beginning the exercise.

Sound familiar, hypnotists?

We are your scene partners, your mirrors, and we give back tenfold what we receive.  So when you think you are hiding, safe behind your facades of control and technique, remember, we are seeing you. 

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  1. Very true... And the reason a hypnotist unafraid of being open can be successful.