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WEEHU3 - Day 4 or, "You started counting again, didn't you."

kk We're doing things a little differently with this post.* Please go read the footnote.  I'll wait. I can be quite patient when it's necessary.

Done? Good! Thank you for doing what I've asked so promptly; it will make your enjoyment of this blog even better than you'd hoped.

 (For those of you who did not read the footnote.  Hello. I'm Noelle's Unconscious.  You may call me "Noelle". It is easier for me to think of the Conscious Mind in terms of her actual name: for the purposes of these writings she'll be written as "XXXXX".)

By the time Sunday rolled around I was quite bored. XXXXX was having a lot of fun, but I wasn't getting to play any of my favorite games. (Not her fault; circumstance and setting were not optimal for me in most cases.)  When I get bored, however, I tend to find those little fractionated moments and run with them, and by Sunday the fractionated moments were neither little nor rare.

tl;dr - I spent a lot of time out and about on Sunday.

So, morning, breakfast, chipper, yada yada. Kat still miserably ill, Carneggy still better than an electric blanket (if you sleep cold you'll understand.)  XXXXX ate, (and got to have a great conversation with HypnoMaestro), many other people were around, they also ate, yada yada.

Class the First - Hypnosis & Drug Play with Lee Allure

I paid very close attention during this one. Of course I always pay very close attention, but this topic has special interest to me. I don't get to play this type of game very often and I'm quite good at it (with the sensations I've actually experienced.)  Lee did an excellent job of stressing that drug play through hypnosis is an excellent alternative to more illegal activities; and also that it is possible to give someone an experience with a drug they've not personally tried, using things like observations of actual user's physical reactions as a foundation for the "trip".  She also gave two people a shared experience of synesthesia, which (I've been led to understand by one of them) was amazing.

Class the Second - Ethics in Erotic Hypnosis with DJ Pynchon

Also an important topic for me.  XXXXX has been really leery of being on the hypnotist's side of the watch (and of topping in general) out of a fear that she would, as she puts it, "Go mad with power." (Bwa ha ha ha ha. Etc.)  I'd say a solid grounding in ethics is useful in any discipline; in Hypnosis, erotic or otherwise, it is paramount. "I didn't know any better" is not a decent justification for why you may have just scarred someone mentally (and in one case that I know of, physically as well) for life.
With all that said, this panel was AMAZINGLY calm, quiet, and civil.  I was impressed with everyone involved in it and I hope that every hypno event will always have an ethics class of some sort in its scheduling.

And then we broke for lunch.

I really want to tell Pynchon that we had Mexican food - it was actually sushi, but trust me, it would be funny to convince him it was Mexican.

We ate, it was tasty, yada yada. Highlight of the meal for me was letting XXXXX back in her head for a bit and listening to her whine about the outfit she had on, and then listening to her whine about no one appreciating the significance of the fact that she was surprised by her outfit.**

Class the Third - Community Leader Round Table with Community Leaders of Note

XXXXX was still driving for this one, which is probably a good thing. She is not the assertive one, and I'm not very nice when I'm irritated.
Technically, we are not a community leader, but as we get more and more involved in these events and more passionate about things like the education of new subjects and how to share the erotic hypnosis experience through creative media, the urge to help a local community develop grows stronger, and we though it would be a good idea to see how that particular machine functions from behind the scenes (as it were.)  As we were about to go in, we heard someone speaking that we don't necessarily care for, and nearly left, but ran into ZanyM and Panavatar on their way in, and joined them in solidarity.  We all got to sit on a bed again, which always makes me happy.

Zany and I lasted about 15 minutes. Then we walked out of the panel.  This is not a comment on the overall content of the panel or on the people who were participating.  It is, however, a comment on the lack of moderation present and on some questionable things that were said, although those issues were apparently resolved after we left.  We needed to go though.  It's not very often that XXXXX gets inspired to use her secret super power of soul-crushing rebuttal, but it nearly happened in that room, so we had to leave.***  kk

Class the Fourth - Hypnotic Amnesia with Lee Allure and DJ Pynchon

(From XXXXX's pov- I came in late, and every seat was filled, except for a couple in the middle.  I, being a rebel, sat on the floor with my back comfortably against a wall, right in front, with Lorelei in a chair to my right, and Pynch and Lee up front presenting to my left.  There was an empty chair between me and Pynch, which Lee offered to newcomers as they straggled in.  I did not claim it because it hadn't been offered to me, it had been offered to those people just coming in. Kat was super speedy and jumped on that opportunity in a flash. She basically was a computer stand for Pynch for the rest of the panel.  I think.  Because after that point things are a bit...hazy...Quoth Pynch later on: "You started counting again, didn't you." Well, yes. That is apparently a thing I do now.)

kk We have been working on amnesia for a while now, for equal parts "it's really fucking hot" and "Pynch is better at it than we are and this cannot stand."  It has been slow going though, as I do not have quite the same amount of guidance and direction that he has had.  I have tried several different approaches, and what has worked the best so far has been some form of distraction. This is where the counting comes in.  At the Seattle workshop that we attended Pynch told a story during the amnesia class about counting down from 1001 to 0 by 3's, and we tried it, and it worked exceptionally well. So I was eager to see if the experiment could be duplicated or even improved upon.

The bits of the amnesia class that XXXXX can't quite recall:  Lee and Pynch talked about the upcoming book, Hypnotic Amnesia, the releasing of which is somewhat imminent. They talked about the different techniques for achieving amnesia that are discussed in the book, including traditional favorites like "Forget to remember and remember to forget". Lee talked about a tv advertisement gone terribly wrong, in which the advertised product is accidentally eliminated form viewers' memories when it is graphically "blown up" (explosion style) on screen.  One of my favorite things that happened is a demonstration of what happens when Pynch tries to read a series of particular sentences off his laptop screen - and knows that they are there but cannot physically make them out (life goals!) - and the subsequent demonstration that he couldn't hear them either...no matter who it was that said them.  Amnesia is fucking hot, and one of my favorite things in the world is the look on Pynch's face when he knows that his memory is being tampered with.

And of course, the counting.  Pynch quite reliably brought it up again, and XXXXX quite reliably started doing it, going deeper and deeper into trance the whole time.****  The entire class is a blank for her from the chair-offering moment, except for brief flashes of looking up at Lee.

And one other, marvelous marvelous thing.

There is a game that Lee plays with Pynch that involves him sipping at a glass of water until it's empty; sipping, having an orgasm, then immediately forgetting he'd done so, getting thirsty again, having another sip of water, and so on and so on...and I thought it would be fun if XXXXX got to have those orgasms too, albeit quietly so no one would notice, and with full memory of them later.***** But other than that, she's retained nothing.  The class ended (a little bit early for reasons that I will share in a moment), and everyone filed out, except XXXXX who was still leaning on her wall, staring blankly into space.******

Class the Fourth-ish - Taking Their Breath Away - Hypnotic Breath Play with ZanyM

The reason the amnesia class ended early was so that Lee and Pynch could race to see the tail end of this class, which featured a fantastic grappling match between Zany and Lizzidoll.  XXXXX was already dazed, confused, and floaty; after seeing that she was also really turned on...which set the stage for...

A Brief Interlude with Carneggy

We said in the Day 1 post that we knew Carneggy and Kat for Reasons.  Those reasons would be that we've been working with Carneggy for a while now (he's the main instrument in the "Help restore XXXXX's ability to trust" process.)  Kat knows him, therefore we know Kat. Kat turns out to be pretty cool, so it all works out.  Carneggy noticed immediately what was going on in our head as we stumbled out of Zany's room, and very sensibly Took Advantage of it.*******

And then...dinner.  It was loud, it was crowded, it was too hot, the food was bland, we tried to sing Pynch's birthday present again and it didn't go as well as it might have, and the energy of the room was sort of cranky and bitter.

BUT, it was loud with dozens of conversations between friends new and old, it was crowded because all of us weirdos were able to go out in public together and be ourselves, and it was too hot because the room was not set up to handle that much awesome.  Not everyone's food was bland; mine was because of a miscommunication with the server who took our order, not because of anything the kitchen did. And my cocktail was AMAZING. And the singing?  For something that we'd rehearsed maybe 6 times total, EVER, and had only performed before once, and decided to do spontaneously 30 minutes previous?  It wasn't that bad, honestly. We got a ton of great compliments on it. (And to the people who laughed at it...there is a special level of hell waiting for you. It features a command performance by Carrot Top, only he's trying to do a routine by Gallagher, and all the hammers have lost their heads and the watermelons are rotten and keep gushing all over you.)  As for the energy of the room, such things are very subjective, but several people have reported the same experience, so draw what conclusions you like from that.

And then, the highlight of the evening (but only mine.)

We'd car-pooled to the restaurant in Pynch's small boat of a car, and when the Calico asked if she could ride with us on the trip back, she was told, "sure, if you ride in the trunk."******** It turns out that Pynch is a very sadistic driver, when he wants to be. Especially in Safeway parking lots.  It's safe to say that Calico enjoyed every moment of it, and next time her experience will be less "impromptu" and more "blindfolds and zipties."


After dropping the Calico off at the airport, XXXXX sat in her car in the parking lot for a long time outside the hotel, and when she'd collected her thoughts and decided to go back in, she immediately encountered AndSleep, who was outside (gasp!) smoking.  Over the course of the evening, XXXXX got to hang out with and chat with and otherwise socialize with quite a few people whom she hadn't gotten a ton of time with, and eventually broke out the bottle of Lemon Flavored Paint Thinner, which went over like gangbusters.  It actually mixed quite well with diet coke - who knew?  Lemon Flavored Paint Thinner, diet coke, and hypno-centric conversation is apparently the recipe for Sunday night introspection.

Introspection which led to an extended personal conversation and Other Stuff...then bedtime.

Bedtime, for a plethora of reasons, most of which involve feelings of over-heating and claustrophobia, did not happen.  At 4am or so we returned to the hallway and hung out some more with AndSleep, the other Kat, Fleur, and for a little bit HypnoMaestro (who was already up and getting ready to depart!*********)  Eventually Carneggy came out and collected us and put us back in bed, and that's the end of the last Thursday of WEEHU.

*kk Hi! I'm Noelle's Unconscious. You can call me "Noelle". I show up from time to time and I was around a lot for this particular day, so I'm writing this post. Don't let anyone tell you that your Unconscious can't be lucid and intelligent and coherent-they're wrong and limiting you unnecessarily.  I use "kk" at the beginnings and ends of my visits, rather like quotation marks, so watch for that signal in the future and you'll know when I'm around. kk

**The skirt was really short, and in XXXXX's mind, only suitable for within the con area.  Whatever.  I totally agree that more of a fuss should have been made over me, though.

***There is a participants' version of this moment. The only participants with whom it will be shared are Panavatar, ZanyM, and Lee Allure, two of whom already know what the issue was.

****We got to practice more "open eyes trancing." I think this is going to be a Thing That We Do a lot of from now on.

*****There is a really hot scene that is skipped in this retelling. It happens between the Interlude With Carneggy and Dinner, and is for Participants only.  But remembering those orgasms feature in it HEAVILY.

******Lee left her phone behind. The only reason we got to see any of the amazing end of the breath play class was because of returning it. So, thanks, Lee!

*******Nope. You don't get to know.  

********Not an enclosed and locked space. No kittens of any type were harmed in this production. At least not in unnegotiated ways.

*********HypnoMaestro in jeans and a t-shirt? Weird and confusing and Just Plain Unnatural.     

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