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WEEHU3 - Day 3, or "Brain Washing and Orgasms kind of go hand-in-hand, right?"

Day 3! Saturday! Or, as the cool kids like to call it, Thursday...

It was with great sorrow Saturday morning that we discovered that the Fabulous Pancake Extrusion Machine was missing from the breakfast area, never to be seen again for the rest of the weekend.  Granted, I'd had my fill of yoga mat pancakes the day before, but I'd kind of been looking forward to watching other people try to choke them down.  Ah well, there'd be other types of choking to look forward to by and by...

The first class I wanted to attend wasn't until 11, so I'm almost pretty sure kind of that after breakfast I went back to bed. Possibly. I may have napped on the couch in our room. That may also have happened Friday. But I'm pretty sure it was Saturday. As the weekend went on and I got less and less actual slumber-type sleep things started to get a little hazy around the edges.

Class the First - Subjects 102 with DJ Pynchon and special guest Lizzidoll

I was a little bit late. Of course I was. It worked out though, because being late meant that I got to sit on the bed (all classes were held in hotel suites) rather than in a boring old folding chair. (In my normal, boring, day to day life, I am NEVER late. I'll swear on anything you like.)  Pynch and Liz were already talking when I arrived. Both of Pynch's subjects' classes are about empowerment: 102 focuses on communication.  How do you ask for specific things? How do you negotiate safely?  How do you know when you're in a bad situation? And so on. I highly recommend that everyone enjoy these classes at least once, there's always something new to learn.

After Subjects 102 I got to stay where I was, all comfy on the bed for...

Class the Second - the Erotic Writers' Round Table with ME and panelists Wiseguy, DJ Pynchon, ZanyM, Lizzidoll, and Shaman58*

Because I was so damn comfortable, I invited all the participants to hang out with me on the bed - everyone was happy to oblige me except Wiseguy, who (wisely) took one of the official presenter chairs.  Every one of us could have talked for hours, but since we only had one (less than one really), I introduced each person briefly and then we took questions from the audience.  It was a lot of fun and hopefully people who were on the fence about putting their work out there walked away confident enough to try.

After a break for lunch (and I have NO IDEA anymore what we had or where we went) it was time for...

Class the Third - Subjects 103 with DJ Pynchon and special guest ME

A note on tardiness -  It was really important to me to be on time for this one. And I was. But I was in the wrong location.

To review:  these classes are about empowering subjects. 103 focuses on being an active participant in your own trance.  Hopefully whatever insights I gave were helpful to people; by this point in the weekend you could have blown on me like a dandelion clock and I would have gone down immediately.

And then...it was time for something completely different.

Brain Washing and Orgasms kind of go hand-in-hand, right?  I'd say that Lee Allure and DJ Pynchon might think so, because for the next two hours, they led a group brainwashing session, followed by a class delightfully entitled "Hypno-oh-Oh-OH!" - a guided masturbation experience.  And there were two very special victims people who wanted their brainwashing experience to be of the slightly less...consensual variety. Consensual non-consent can be a ton and a half of fun, for both participants and bystanders; and on this occasion there was plenty to see.

Lizzidoll and the Calico had both requested to be taken into the brainwashing session against their will.  I, of course, volunteered my services to the Calico (again, because I am nice like that), and ZanyM selflessly put herself forward to deal with Liz.

Now I have to say that in her heart of hearts, I really don't think that Calico really wanted to resist that much. Sure, I technically had her arm twisted behind her back, or across her throat, or had her on her knees with her hair as a leash...but really she didn't struggle too much.  I didn't get a single bruise, and I bruise very easily.  (I have promised that next time things will be a little bit more...exciting...)

The other two, now, that was a sight to see.

Lizzidoll reminds me of a Tennessee Walking Horse - long limbs and style, arched neck and eyebrows, and tougher than a bagful of nails in a thunderstorm.  In contrast, Zany is more a Quarter Horse - packed full of muscle and able to outrace anything in her element, including storm-magnetized flying iron.  Watching them progress down the hallway (and back, since we accidentally went to the wrong room first) was incredibly entertaining.  I kept sticking Calico to the walls so that I could just sit back and observe. But eventually we delivered them into Lee and Pynch's keeping, where their brains got so clean you could have eaten off them.**  Zany and I got to hang out a little bit, have some snippets of conversation, and stick our heads into various classes to see what was going on.  In between brain-washing and Hypno-oh-Oh-OH! I checked on Calico to make sure she still felt safe and comfortable, then sort of meandered around until everyone got fully satisfied. (Quite entertaining from outside the door, let me tell you.)  Calico was very happy and very spacey when she emerged from her experience, and I'm quite sure would have turned right around and gone back in had that been an option.

I think this is the night we went to In n Out Burger.  Because California tradition, apparently***.  So Carneggy, Kat, Calico, and I took one car, and Zany and MrDream and Banny (I think; Banny you were there, right?) took another car, and we headed to In n Out and got our food...to go...

This would be a prime example of tired and fractionated people making weird decisions.  Because it made perfect sense to take two cars and then not even stay there to eat.  Uh huh.  The bunch of us had a little picnic, and eventually we drifted to our respective rooms until reconvening later for an experience that can only be described as "Because Science."



After our little scientific adventure, Pynch and I had a little bit of a moment running around looking for Lizzidoll, who had mysteriously disappeared.  Disappeared as in hid from us.  Disappeared as in played a practical joke on us.  Disappeared as in a way pretty much designed to instigate the appropriate response...namely me getting to have a lesson in spanking from Pynch and Lorelei, with Lizzi as the practice dummy.  Apparently, having people count while you strike them is a Thing That People Do; and I like a good list of numbers, really I do, but honestly, if you tell someone they're going to be spanked 15 times some of the delicious uncertainty about just what's going to happen disappears.  I like to measure my life by events, and since Pynch was helping me learn this valuable skill, I chose to measure Lizzi's punishment in Braintwin milestones.  That went on for quite a while, but not too long, because milestone #1 really only happened last July at MEEHU, and that's barely three months ago.  I think the lesson went well.  Along the way we also discovered that Lorelei has the most amazing skin...but I digress...

Saturday really doesn't seem to have as much going on as Thursday and Friday, does it?  Some of that is due to the fact that classes were in full swing, some of it is because I can't remember everything that happened, and some of that is because there are some things that I won't be sharing on this blog.  I will give you some key words though.


And thus concludes Day 3.

*You can find the stuff we write at the following urls:

EnScenic/Noelle Carson Nicholson:  Enscenic.tumblr.com and Noellehastranceadventures.blogspot.com

Wiseguy:  asstr.org/~Wiseguy and mindplayblog.blogspot.com and also MCStories.com (search author: Wiseguy) He's also written what may be the definitive book on recreational erotic hypnosis:
Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis, and its follow-up:  The Mind Play Study Guide.  Both books can be found on Amazon.com, (although not only there) as well as in person from Wiseguy at the many hypno events he attends/teaches at.

DJ Pynchon/Hypno-Sandwich:  djpynchon.wordpress.com and hypno-sandwich.tumblr.com and also MCStories.com (search author: DJ Pynchon) and has a book coming out which he co-authored with Lee Allure called Hypnotic Amnesia (guess what it's about, I dare you...)

ZanyM:  zanythoughts.tumblr.com

Lizzidoll:  lizzidoll.tumblr.com

Shaman58:  shaman58.tumblr.com

**I have watched exactly one episode of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and this is a partial quote from the only moment I actually found funny.

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