Thursday, November 5, 2015

WEEHU3 - Day 5, or, "The love for the Doctor is STRONG in this crowd..."

On the fifth day...

Monday. Most of the crowd is gone. Pynch and Liz wake me up just enough to say goodbye, and I immediately go back to sleep, and miss saying goodbye to everyone else that leaves that morning.  The hallway is a ghost town, with tumbleweeds of scattered hypno-paraphernalia catching on the wheels of the housekeeping trolleys as our floor is finally opened back up to the hotel cleaning staff. When Carneggy, Kat, and I awaken for real, I am a little heartbroken that I haven't said goodbye to anyone.  I am missing a pair of shoes, and find them dejectedly resting just outside the open door to what had been Lee's rooms, but when I stick my head in, no one is there but housekeeping. I snag the balloon bundle that had marked the location of my birthday party and wander back over to our rooms.  Carneggy, bless his heart, says "Are you sure she's actually gone?" and does a quick reconnoiter; and returns with more balloons, party streamers, a scalp massaging tool*, and an entire third of a bar of genuine British chocolate.

During the day, we get snapchats from Pynch and Lizzidoll, from Lee, from Calico; I open them all immediately and drink them in; I want them all to come back, right now!

The original idea for the Monday field trip gets called off for lack of interest; we end up at Wicked Grounds where Zany and I drink milkshakes and wander up and down the narrow premises exchanging messages with Pynch, who has absconded with the last of the Dark Chocolate Oregon Hazelnut Stout Crinkle Cookies. The smug fucking bastard sends us a picture of him eating one of the precious things, which sends us into minor paroxysms of ire, but he salvages the situation quickly with the next pic--him handing the bag of cookies to the clerk back at the hotel. It is days later that he tells me that the "cookie eating" pic was meant to show that he had returned to the hotel with the loot: we were too busy looking at his face to notice where he was standing.

Carneggy knows the proprietor of Wicked Grounds, and the two of them and Kat talk gaming in the back while I pretend to understand what they're talking about.

It is stiflingly hot inside Wicked Grounds. After everyone has had a chance to eat, drink, and be merry, we wander down the street and look at kinky leather goods, as one does, and I spend more time making friends with the resident dog than I do enjoying the visit. Too little opportunity to rest, too much heat; they combine inside me like a hammer and sap my energy until all I want to do is go back to the hotel and rest.

We go to one more store; Kat buys a marvelous corset dress, and I marvel at just how many varieties of strappy rib-cage and waist compressing garments exist.**  We, along with R***, a new friend who had only been able to attend the weekend starting Sunday afternoon, decide to head back to home base. We relax a little, then go back into the city to meet everyone else for dinner. My first experience with Vietnamese food is more or less "meh". The service is excellent, but the food is neither astonishingly good nor astonishingly bad.  I consider my over-all WEEHU restaurant dining experience to be an even split.

I end up sitting by Zany and Panavatar on one side, and Carneggy and Kat on the other. We have a conversation that is an interesting hybrid of hypnosis community talk and Doctor Who plot conjecture.**** We invite R back to our room, and try and give her the WEEHU experience that she missed out on, all crammed into one evening.

There is booze.

There are trance demos, and questions answered. Kat and I get stuck to each other and I get stuck to the ceiling, all for R's benefit. My unconscious writes something on Fetlife, and goes to great pains to keep me from remembering that it has happened at all.*****   At some point, Orchid-Girl and AndSleep wander in, and I get my picture taken with a wonderful sparkly crystal.****** AndSleep and I have an extended conversation about...well, something or other, and the online blogs and posts about WEEHU start to turn up.  Zany swings by with MrDream, who helps R with some pain management, inadvertently covering all the main points of the Subjects' track classes in the process.

All in all, it is the perfect way to spend the last evening of my time at WEEHU.

*The scalp massaging tool had been used during the Because Science scene to reprogram my brain. At one point in the evening on Sunday night, someone picked it up to use, and I...warned them not to, because of its evil powers.  Sigh.  It came home with me.  I still haven't used it.

**Please don't take this description as a sign that I don't like corsets. Corsets are fucking hot. And I will totally have one someday soon. Because what someone with my hip to waist ratio needs is a larger ratio. (<--sarcasm.)

***Not her real name! She's Rainamore on Fetlife, and she's delightful and hopefully will keep coming out for hypno-events!

****This is quite common at hypnosis events. The love for the Doctor is STRONG in this crowd, as well it should be.

*****kk Someone posted something ridiculous about the unconscious mind not being able to write lucidly or some such.  I...commented. Politely. Really. XXXXX doesn't need to know what it says. I was unable to keep her from remembering it completely, even with Carneggy's help, and she's read the comment twice now, but still doesn't know what it says, so that's something anyway. kk

******Yes, I will remember to email the pics to you soon, Orchid-Girl, so that you can make ART.

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