Monday, December 15, 2014

Ambushes: Part Two

I am meant to be sleeping, but instead I am writing.  It's a fair trade.

I received a comment on my previous post about being ambushed that made me think happy thoughts and so I thought I would expound upon that topic before bed tonight.

The aforementioned post, which can be found here, (go read it if you want), was written after a particularly frustrating day of everyone I interacted with refusing to accept it when I said no to something.  I was cranky fucking mad, which fact I think was clear to all readers.  There is one mostly non-angry paragraph, however, and that is the one wherein I point out that people who are allowed to ambush me may do so.  Pretty much whenever the whim strikes them.

So, I will expound (starting with the comment that I left in answer to the commenter mentioned above.)

"There is nothing I can think of at the moment hotter than having someone whom I trust take me under, forcefully and commandingly, in such a way that I don't even notice the transition. Like a light switch (because you can flip those things on and off as much as you like.)"  Here is an example:

So I'm chatting with someone who has me figured out really well.  Trust has been built, consent has been given, all it really takes is a little push to take me down, and most of the time when I fall, it's like I'm a weighted fishing lure, spinning through the sea as the lead drags me ever downward.  And this is fun.  This is enjoyable.  This is a great starting place for knocking on the door to my mind and having interesting conversations with whatever happens to be home.  It is one of my favorite sensations, but it is not, technically speaking, what I would describe as "hot."  

Hot is when you're having a conversation about nothing in particular and out of the blue he says "Down. Now." And I go from breathing air to the bottom of the ocean before the sound of his voice has had time to fade.  My mind flip-flops, my body is crushed under the pressure of all that water, and I'm so turned on that I will do practically anything to have my body fucked the way my mind has been.

Hot is when you are listing out all the places you would go if you won the lottery and in between saying "I could go to Prague" and "I could go to any museum I wanted" he says "You could go to sleep." 

Hot is having your control over your body taken completely away, while your mind is busy trying to count.
Hot is being brought back up, but still having no control over my hands while they pinch my nipples and rub my clit until I helplessly cum.

Hot is talking with him afterwards and realizing that the hand that I haven't bothered to move yet is  feeling my heart beat from the inside.

So, yes, sometimes being ambushed is a very very good thing. 

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