Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Lot Has Changed Since March

Guys. GUYS. It's almost 2017, and I haven't posted anything here since March.


Part of that is that I have been posting all my original writings on tumblr, which is much more accessible for most people. Part of that is that I've kind of let the "diarist" aspect of my writing slide...A LOT.  So we've got some catching up to do, you and I...

The last thing I posted was my day one of NEEHU post. There are several more days' worth, which all got posted on tumblr (at "" - look for them under the "event recaps" button, since it's unlikely that I'll get them cross-posted here anytime soon.)

A lot has changed since March.

For example, right now there is a man in the alley outside my window vomiting up what sounds like his entire stomach; and also his spleen, his appendix, his get the idea.  Faithful readers of this blog might recall that I live in the middle of Oregon's wine country; those people might be confused by this talk of "alleys" and "vomiting men". It's quite simple. Last September I moved to one of America's largest cities and my apartment is across the alley from a bar, and it's closing time, when all the drunks don't have to go home but can't stay here. There. You know what I mean.

Things that are the same:  still waiting tables, still writing smut, still loving hypnosis, still Mama to an adorable demon in feline form. Things that are different:  people actually tip here, my smut has become somewhat sporadic, I get to do far more in-person hypnosis, and my demon cat has a demon cat roommate.

My circle of friends, most of whom I've met because of hypno-kink, continues to grow, although I'm still the person who doesn't make friends easily and can take far, far too long to warm up to someone.

I appear to have developed a small reputation for being a reliable hypno-con presenter.

I have grown downright opinionated about certain somewhat controversial topics, and have even been known to publicly speak on them.

2016 has been that kind of year.

More to come...

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