Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Night at Charmed! - Game Night (contains descriptions of knife-type play)

In the midst of the shenanigans of the first night in the Cookie Room…

By now, if you know me or have been reading my recent posts, you’ll have noticed that I came out of my Charmed! weekend in a much toppier mindspace than usual.  It seems as if every event I attend opens something new up for me, often in strange and unexpected ways.  At MEEHU, it was the incredible feeling of acceptance that I learned to own as something I deserve, at WEEHU it was realizing that yes, I am actually loved, and at Charmed!…

At Charmed! I learned that it is totally possible for me to indulge myself in darkness without going completely mad with it.

It’s midway through the evening of forfeitous fun and I am feeling very powerful. People are doing things because I want them to, which is, frankly, intoxicating, and when the opportunity arises to play with @hypnokittencalico a little bit, I jump on it.  She’s more than happy to be stuck, arms spread as wide as possible, on the bed, body scootched forward so that she has to rest her weight on her toes, while I practice tickling her stomach with various random objects from around the room.  She seems to enjoy it, and I get an idea:  why not give her a more lasting momento of the evening?

I get her weight off her toes, and make sure she is stuck down to the bed again, then announce that we will now be playing a game of “Hangman” on Calico’s tummy.  We had opened some plastic packaging earlier; the smaller piece worked admirably well as a stylus, and I did a couple of test slices with it to see if Calico would be okay with it.

She was.

So. Hangman. One word, eight letters. People are eager to play, and throw out the obvious choices for letters: ‘t’, ‘e’, ‘d’, ‘r’, ‘l’ - someone’s been watching too much Wheel of Fortune I think.*

Someone finally says ‘s’ and two spaces are filled in.

@mr-prism says, “I know the word! Should I solve it?”

“Of course not, I say. People should keep guessing letters.”

And, because tonight I have discovered power, they all do.

We fill in all the letters but one: H Y P N O S _ S - as Calico moans and writhes on the bed with every stroke. Eventually I have the entire figure of the hanged man filled in, and I relent and call for an ‘I’.  It is marvelous fun. **

We experiment a little bit with the kinds of things one can do to newly created welts - I had received the gift of a bottle of Viniq purple liquor (the swirly hypnotic stuff) from @theleeallure*** and it stung nicely in Calico’s new cuts, but it was far more effective to tell her we had a different interesting substance on our hands and pass them over the top of the word ‘hypnosis’ and watch her twitch and try not to scream.

“Hydrogen peroxide.”


“Lemon Juice.”

I’ll bet she can feel it now, as she’s reading this.****

* I DESPISE Wheel of Fortune. It’s too easy, and they always ALWAYS always fucking buy a vowel, which costs them money, when they should be picking the obvious consonant. Words have PATTERNS people. Honestly.

** There is a picture, and it will be posted shortly.

*** the Viniq was very very very tasty. Not everyone liked it, but I did, very much.

**** And later that evening, when Preston wanted to give me a foot rub, Calico hurled herself into position under my legs to act as a footstool without being asked, so I can only assume that she enjoyed herself.

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