Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day Three at Charmed! - Mannequins Part 3

Let's see, where was I? Soup, check, corset, check, mannequins, check...

Oh yes. After vending. I might have eaten something. It was probably cookies. Yes. Let's go with that. I also might have gotten to watch a hot music video, and also I might have gotten to know Heel_Edge a little bit better. Yes, those are all factual statements.

And then...
And then the snarkstorm* began.

Earlier in the weekend, possibly while talking about the hotel, I'd gotten the idea in my head that it would be a ton of fun to collect the snarkiest people I know, remove whatever natural filter they might have, and throw them all into a room together with a list of topics and, you know, see what happened.**  We never really got a chance to do that, so (because I was in a snarky mood) I decided to combine that idea with the evening's Cookie Room shenanigans.  The rule that night for the Cookie Room was anyone wanting a cookie had to get permission (and more than likely perform a task) from the person who'd previously managed to acquire a cookie. At the same time that this was going on, Carneggy quietly removed my personal snark filter.***

And, braintwinning being what it is, I was able to easily help Pynchon**** remove his.

And also Calico.*****

And Tennfan.******

And Morgan.*******

And AndSleep.********

I quite enjoyed it.

However, combining the two games into one space?  It probably would have worked better if the "ask permission for a cookie" rule had worked out better. It didn't take long for someone to claim the title of "Cookie Czar", and after that I felt the need to continually step in to make that part of things run more smoothly. (Because no snark filter.)  It was still fun, though.

This is also the night where I discovered that I am not the only hypno-person to be in love with A Very Potter Musical (shout out to GleefulAbandon) and that’s you know, totally awesome.
Although now that I think about it that might have happened Sunday night. 

Eventually people ran out of gas and went back to their rooms, presumably to sleep.

*I have just now this moment made that word up, and I love it so much that no one should be surprised when it starts showing up in conversation. Seriously.

**Right, so when I was living in Denver in the 90's and married to the world's biggest football fan, I got to read a lot of sport columns and see a lot of SportsCenter - and there was a particular someone who leaned heavily on the concept "lock them in a room together and, you know, see what happens". Fortunately for me, I can't quite remember who that person was, but if anyone reading this knows, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

***Removed it with the caveat that I'd still have the good common sense to not be hurtful or vicious. And I wasn' anyone's face anyway.

****You know how there are those phones you can touch screens with and it automatically transfers data? Well, for us, it works with foreheads. The more you know.*********

*****One of the sweetest parts of the entire evening was when Calico begged to have her filter put back - and then apologized profusely for what she felt was her rudeness. I repeat again, for the entire world to see, you were at most as rude as the average customer service rep at a grocery store. In other words, not really rude at all.

******Tennfan swears that I did not forehead bop him. I have decided to take his word for it.

*******And I know I barely tinked Morgan on the forehead with my finger; she was pretty close to being filter-free already.

********I <ahem> may have bonked him harder than necessary. I <AHEM> also might not care.

*********"The more you know" also applies to learning how to tighten a corset. I'm just sayin'.

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