Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Darcy In The Shower (Because I promised you smut)

The following is for mature audiences only, and contains sexual scenes and contexts that might be offensive to some.  You have been warned!

     Darcy Wilcox carefully stepped out of her Levis and pullover, and, folding them carefully, placed them on the bench just outside her glassed-in shower.  She took a moment to fondle her nipples through the fabric of her bra, enjoying how they lifted the black lace at her touch, then added it to the pile.  She hadn't been wearing panties all day--somehow she had forgotten that morning when she picked out her clothes, and it hadn't seemed important enough to take off her jeans only to have to put them right back on again.  The rubbing of the denim against her clit and pussy lips had been distracting her all day, and it was finally time to do something about it.  She turned on the shower, but made no move to actually get inside.  Instead, she counted to ten in order to give the water time to heat up, (although she didn't know why she felt the need to count backwards), only entering the enclosure when she was positive that the water would be hot.
     Standing in the shower always gave Darcy a warm, peaceful feeling, even when she intended to masturbate.  Which, it occurred to her, she had been doing a lot of lately.  Not that she was a prude or anything, but somehow her once or twice a week had evolved into every day, or even two or three times a day.  Sometimes she just didn't feel ready to conquer her day until she had cum under the power of her handheld shower head.
     Darcy reminded herself that too much thinking would interfere with her fun as she adjusted the flow of the water from the shower to 'massage.'  She played the water over her body, just enough to wet herself down but without concentrating on any one part.  She liked the way her skin felt as the water evaporated.  And the contrast in temperatures as she brought the water to bear on her pussy was wonderful!  She couldn't help squeaking a little as her nerves were titillated by the flow, (just like she always did, as if she'd forgotten how it would feel), and already her muscles were starting to clench a little just from that gentle touch.  With her left hand, she spread her pussy lips and exposed her clit a little more to the water's touch.  She was starting to moan a little under her breath, the way she did when she came to a hot passage in one of her novels, or when something sexy happened in one of the videos that she had been lately watching.  Thank goodness she had made sure her room mate wasn't home before starting!  She could be as loud as she wanted to be.
     "I must be mindless." Darcy muttered as she adjusted the shower head to the next setting.  She switched from holding her pussy to the shower head and back without thinking about it at all, smooth from all the practice she had been getting.  "I must be mindless." she repeated.  And noticed that the water pressure was a little low.  "I must be mindless." she reminded herself.  And switched to the next setting.
     Everything felt so much better when she didn't think about what she was doing!  "I must be mindless if I want to cum." she said to herself.  If she could just feel instead of thinking, "Like a mindless fucktoy." she ordered herself.  And switched to the next setting, the center setting where all the water was concentrated into one tiny circle of jets.
     "I'm like a mindless fucktoy." she told herself again.  "I'm like a mindless fucktoy."
     "You are a mindless fucktoy." a voice that sounded like hers said.  "I am a mindless fucktoy." she answered.  "What are you?" asked the voice.  "I am a mindless fucktoy."  And placed her thumb over the bulk of the jets on the shower head, isolating all the water into one hard jet.  She aimed it directly at her clit, crying out as it penetrated the fog that was rising in her head.  "I am a mindless fucktoy." she continued to chant.
     But something was wrong.  After a while, the water didn't feel quite as good against her clit, the force didn't seem as strong.  Am I thinking too much?  "I am a mindless fucktoy. I am a mindless fuck..."  "What are you really?" the voice that sounded like hers asked.  "Are you a fucktoy, which just gets used but feels nothing?"  What a relief to know what the problem was!  "I," gasped Darcy, "I am a mindless fuckdoll! I am a mindless fuckdoll!"
     "Very good," said the voice, "but do dolls talk?"  "I am a mindless fuckdoll." the young woman chanted in her head, her mouth gaping open as she gasped for breath under the onslaught of the newly electrifying jet.  "Very good," said the voice again.  "Do that for awhile, it should help."
     "I am a mindless fuckdoll.  I am a mindless fuckdoll.  I am a mindless fuckdoll.  I am a mindless fuckdoll.  I am a mindless fuckdoll.  I am a mindless fuckdoll.  I am a mindless fuckdoll.  I am a mindless fuckdoll.  I am a mindless fuckdoll.  I am a mindless fuckdoll."
     Her head bobbing in time to the chanting in her head, the young woman felt herself coming closer and closer to orgasm, but couldn't seem to make it happen, no matter what she did with the water.  "What do you want, fuckdoll?" asked the voice that sounded like its own.  "Fuckdoll wants to cum!" it cried in its mind.  "Fuckdoll wants to cum! Please, Master, fuckdoll wants to cum!"
     "What does fuckdoll want?" asked the voice.  "fuckdoll wants to fuck!" said fuckdoll.
     "Why does fuckdoll want to fuck?" asked the voice.  "fuckdoll wants to cum!" said fuckdoll.
     "Why does fuckdoll want to cum?" asked the voice.  "fuckdoll want to feel good!" said fuckdoll.
     "Why does fuckdoll want to feel good?" asked the voice.  "fuckdoll is for fucking!" said fuckdoll.  "fuckdoll wants to fuck!  fuckdoll wants to cum!  fuckdoll wants to feel good!  fuckdoll is for fucking!"
     "Very good, fuckdoll. You are learning your lessons very well indeed.  Chant that for a little longer until you cum."
     fuckdoll continued chanting its lesson until it came, again and again and again, finally resting its forehead against the glass of the shower while the shower head dangled from its suddenly listless fingers.  "Greedy little fuckdoll," the voice chuckled fondly, "I'll make a cumdoll of you yet."
     Darcy stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in the fluffy towel from atop her piled clothing.  "I really need to do something about that water pressure." she thought to herself as she stepped blindly past her room mate.

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