Saturday, January 17, 2015

Darcy At The Dealership

At least I got some writing done while they were working on my car today!
This post contains sexual themes not suitable for children et cetera et cetera ad nauseum.
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Darcy sighed and went through the glass doors of the service center into the waiting area of the dealership.  The salesmen, (old harmless guy and young nerdy guy), knew her by sight.  They were on a first-name basis.  They were practically exchanging Christmas cards and cooing over baby pictures.  Darcy had been in there three times in five days, and the only person she’d dealt with more while trying to get her car fixed was the friendly woman at AAA who always seemed to be manning the phones when Darcy called.
The guy with the only available loner car had disappeared.  “’Incognito and Untraceable’ could be his slogan as a spy.” Darcy muttered to herself as she settled into a cozy chair by the big-screen.  Downside of going to the dealership for repairs?  High cost of such.  Upside?  Easy access to hard-to-find parts for her wreck and a free loner car for as long as she might need it.  If it ever came back.
Three quarters of the way through the Michael Bay double feature on TBS (“Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?”) Darcy began to zone out a little.  There was only so much slow motion that she could handle before the world around her seemed to change its rotation to match.  She found her attention caught by the reflection of her metallic loafer in the glossy shellac of the tv stand.  The high intensity spot-lights overhead caught her instep squarely, causing the bronze brocade to shimmer delightfully as she turned her foot to and fro.
Darcy had noticed that lately when she daydreamed a voice that sounded like her own somehow but also somehow not had started to whisper to her.  And she had been daydreaming a lot lately, so much so that the voice didn’t surprise her when it started to smoothly and carefully point out how fascinating the shimmer of her shoe could be.
“Look how the light just…slides…back and forth.” the voice said.  It grew sultry on the word ‘slides’, crawling around inside Darcy’s foot and creeping up her leg.  “Watch how the shimmer moves…so slowly…along the length of your foot, like embers chasing sparks…all along the edge.” Darcy didn’t think she was moving her foot, it didn’t feel like she was moving her foot, she would have sworn that someone else was causing her toes to flex, something else was drawing the light along her arch. 
“Darcy,” said the voice, “Darcy, I know you are listening very carefully, while you watch the light sparkling along your foot, tracing the line of your instep back and forth, up and down, so…scintillating...and  you may find that as the light shimmers on your foot that it has traveled inside you as well.”
Darcy’s toe twitched a little as the sparkles sank through her shoe and into her flesh.  They swirled around a little, warming and relaxing her muscles.  Her toes never stopped moving, inscribing small, clockwise circles in the air.  The heat moved up into her ankle and hovered there, and as it hovered it spun, and as it spun, it transformed from an ember to a flame, and that fire started to creep slowly up Darcy’s leg.  She could still hear the voice murmuring in her head, but she paid no attention , she was too focused on the flames licking around her knee. The fire danced and cavorted, pirouetting through her muscles, chasing along her sinews like a horse on a racetrack.  The voice ordered “NOW” amid its murmuring, and suddenly the flames went racing around her body, setting fire to her bones and electrifying her skin as they completed the circuit.
Darcy’s body had become a liquid river, a cascade of molten metal, a torrent of fast-moving magma.  She writhed inside her skin as the heat grew.
“Darcy-“ Teased the voice, “Is this what you wanted?”
“No!” Darcy cried inside her mind.  “Please, I’m so hot!”
“Please?” the voice laughed. “Please what?”
“Please!  I need…I’m so hot…I need…”
“Yes? What do you need? Tell me what you need.”
“Please, please help me, please I need…”
“Tell me what you need, Darcy.  Tell me what you need.
Tell me Now!”
Darcy was drowning, she couldn’t tell what was happening around her, other than the growing heat storming through her body.  The word “Now” lanced through the heat directly to her groin.  She moaned as all her muscles clenched around the solid flame that had penetrated her.
“I need to be fuh fuh fucked!” She stuttered. “I need, I need, I need, I need to be fucked!”
“And how should you ask for the things you need?”
“Please! Puh puh puh please will you fuck me?”
“Please what?”
“Puh puh please Master?
Please Master will you fuck me?”
“Very Good Girl, Darcy.” She squirmed at his words.  “Because you are such a Good Girl,” (“Oohh.” moaned Darcy), I will be pleased to fuck you.
I will be pleased to take you by the shoulders and draw you to me, to burn your clothes off with the force of my fire, shove my cock into your cunt without warning…”
“oh my god” cried Darcy.
“I will be pleased to rock your hips back and forth on my cock, I will be pleased to grind into you farther than you thought I could go…”
Darcy moaned again and began to gasp for air.
“I will be pleased to thrust into you while I bend you backwards over this chair, pounding my cock into you over and over again so hard that we break it beneath us…”
Darcy’s breathe began to catch in helpless whimpers.
“I will be pleased to fuck you Darcy.  Hold you down and have my way with you.  Fuck you deeply…just…like…this…”
Darcy’s body shuddered in time to his words, her voice catching in her throat with each thrust, pitching higher and higher until she finally came, screaming, while her Master emptied himself into her.  He left her there trembling, with a whispered promise of “until next time.”
Don, the dealership’s senior salesman, beckoned Sam over.  “You sure were whispering in her ear for a long time, Sam.  How long does it take to let someone know her car is ready anyway?”

“Oh, Don, didn’t I tell you?  That’s my room-mate, Darcy.  We were just talking about what we’re going to do later after I get home.”

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