Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lots of Words that Start with "P"

I don't know why I haven't written anything public for so long.  It's been almost exactly 8 months (+/- 5 days) and the best explanation I can come up with is simply that I haven't felt comfortable enough with where I am in my life to expose any part of myself.  That is, after all, what writing is; a deliberate exposure of how I think and feel, dressed up in clauses and obfuscatory adjectives, so that maybe the style of the thing will hide the soul of it.  Or something like that.
Or it could be that I haven't had much to write about.  I moved, I adjusted to a new commute, I tried to adjust to a new level of adulthood, or at least a new perception on my part of what adulthood should be.
There is a small chance that I was too lazy to do it.  That would be the easier explanation.  The most likely explanation is that I have been too enervated by whatever mental process I have undertaken over this past year to kick my own metaphorical ass into some resemblance of responsibility to bother to blog.

Thus endeth the rambling excuses, now onwards to more important things, namely stuff relating to hypnosis.

When last I blogged, I had just come back from WEEHU.  Since that time I have missed both a NEEHU and a MEEHU, and have little hope of getting to attend this year's WEEHU, although hope does spring eternal.  I have worked with only one person on a fairly regular basis in that time (although not as much as I would have liked, but I'm greedy I suppose) but I am back out there now, feeling brave and fairly exploratory and hopefully meeting new people and making new friends.  As I recall, at one point I had published a nice little list of all the topics that I intended to cover--I'm not going to bother to go read it now, I'm just going to hope that what I want to talk about is actually on it.  If not, well, it should have been!

(Extra invisible bonus points of you've read this far!  That first part was really self-indulgent but I'm leaving it in anyway and you can't make me change it, neener neener etc.)

My subject today is "Hypnotists", specifically, the kinds with whom I have found I do not enjoy working.  Some of this is personal taste, some of it is not.  Some examples of behavior might seem familiar to certain people, although I haven't included anything really specific.

Type 1:  The Puppy
Young or immature person who is just SO ENTHUSIASTIC that they never bothers to slow down and listen to the feedback they are getting.  The Puppy often has one habit that is very off-putting, but can be forgiven most of the time because they are young and just don't know any better.  Eventually, however, they need to have the coin box shaken at them or they are never going to learn, and just speaking to them calmly has no effect.  Neither does ignoring them.

Type 2:  The Pedant
This person has found one way to do things, and by golly it works, so why ever change?  If someone liked it the first time, they should like it just as much the four hundred and first time, right?  And they are so proud of the fact that they never deviate from their set path that they make sure to point out to you that they always do things the same way.

Type 3:  The Player
This person has so many irons in the fire that sometimes they just can't keep track of everyone.  Darn!  Did I forget to come back to you and leave you listening to a file on repeat for hours?  Did I leave you in trance to check in on someone else and just never come back?  Well I'm just so very busy, and I'm sure you're okay with it, since I'm so wonderful!

Type 4:  The Performer
Writes files.  Records Files.  Lots and lots of files.  And needs you to listen to and critique every single blessed one.  And has absolutely no hidden agenda, no sir, not them!

Type 5:  The Preacher
Assumes that you want to hear his/her way of doing things.  All the things.  Assumes that you will then adopt his/her way of doing things.  All the things.  Maybe, if you're really lucky, stops talking about their opinions long enough try working with you.

Type 6:  The Predator
The name says it all, really.  These are the ones we get warned about, the ones who are known for their sneaky triggers and non-consensual brainwashing.  The ones who, when you say stop, keep coming back until you have to block them completely to prevent them from messaging you.

Type 7:   The Pretend Therapist
Like The Puppy, The Pretend Therapist means well and has your best interests in mind, really.  It's just that they are so used to seeing a certain kind of situation that they accidentally create it themselves through their own actions.  They are the self-fulfilling prophecy in action.

Now of course these descriptions could be about anyone, not just hypnotists...which is why I probably wouldn't want to hang out with these people under any circumstances, but I definitely do not want to be hypnotized by them.

I have also met many admirable and fun hypnotists, and someday I will come up with clever labels for them as well, but not today.  Maybe tomorrow.  We'll see.

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  1. Great to read your blogs again. They are extremely insightful and teach a lot towards others. Have a great night and cant wait to read the next!