Monday, July 6, 2015

ClickBate/ClickBait (Story Challenge!)

The other day I somehow volunteered myself as part of a story-writing challenge with the marvelous DJ Pynchon (and by 'volunteered' I mean agreed when he asked me to do it).  We were inspired by a conversation about clicker training and its applications for erotic hypno-play, and from out of that came something interesting I hope.  As always, this story may not be suitable for reading at work, in front of small-minded people, or possibly dog trainers.


                Darcy sprawled across the couch in her robe and slippers, and glared at Sam. 
“Yes, that’s what I’m talking about!” she said.  “The thing where you click your fingers!  Every time you click I lose track of what I was saying, and it’s starting to get irritating!”  She did her best to stare Sam into apologizing.  “When I agreed to let you try to hypnotize me I didn’t realize that you were going to tease me instead.”
“There is no ‘try’ happening here, Darcy, only ‘do’.  I’ve been putting you under since lunch, you just don’t remember it.”
“Oh please, there’s no way that can be true.  I’d know it if we’d been here all day long.”  Darcy checked the clock, which read 9:27.
“Really?  And you’re in your robe because?”
“Obviously because it’s still morning and I haven’t dressed yet.”  She sat up straight, causing the robe to gape.
“And the reason you have nothing on under your robe is?”
“Sam, you know you stopped me on my way to showering to issue your little challenge.”  She put her hands on her hips defiantly, arching her back and exposing her breasts.
“And the reason you’re posing for me like that is?”
“Because you have hypnotized me into being an exhibitionist tart.”  On the word ‘tart’, Darcy slumped back into the couch, eyes closed and breathing deeply.

                Darcy sprawled across the couch in her robe and slippers, and stared at Sam.
                “You keep doing that clicking thing with your fingers, right when I’m about to say something really important, it’s really annoying never getting to finish what I’m saying.”  She did her best to glare at Sam, but she kept getting distracted by the large clock over the fireplace.  “It’s already 9:30?  Have you been trying to hypnotize me all morning?”
“I don’t have to try, Darcy, you’ve made it so easy for me.  And I’ve been hypnotizing you all day, you just don’t remember.”
“Don’t be silly, I’m in my robe, it’s still morning.”  She sat up straight in order to better show off her bathrobe.
“And the reason you have nothing on under your robe is?”
“Because as soon as you give up I’m going to shower, of course.”  Darcy slid her robe off her shoulders, letting it pool around her lap.
“And the reason you’re showing me your breasts right now?”
“Because you’ve hypnotized me into wanting to be naked for you.” Darcy slumped back into the couch, eyes closed and breathing deeply.

Darcy sprawled across the couch in only her slippers, and tried to focus her eyes on Sam.
“Do you have to keep clicking at me like that?  I forgot what I was going say.”  She breathed deeply, and settled into the couch a little more firmly.  “What time is it anyway?  Are you going to try to hypnotize me soon?
“I have already hypnotized you Darcy.  You just don’t remember.”
“What?  No, I just got up just now, look, I haven’t dressed yet.”  She struggled to sit up, leaning heavily on the arm of the couch.
“And the reason you aren’t wearing your robe anymore would be?”
“Duh.  I haven’t put it on yet.”  Darcy  swayed back and forth in time to her words, swinging her breasts.
“And the reason you’re making sure I really get a good look at your tits right now is?”
“Because you’ve hypnotized me into loving having you look at my tits.” Darcy slumped back into the couch, eyes closed and breathing deeply.

Darcy sprawled across the couch and blinked dully at Sam.
“Um, did you do the click thing again?  I have to tell you something.”  She concentrated hard on remembering what she wanted to say.  “It’s really important.”
“I have to do the click thing Darcy, it’s part of me hypnotizing you.”
“Oo are you hypnotizing me?  That sounds fun.”  Darcy smiled brightly at Sam.
“Do you want to put some clothes on first?”
“But I want to be naked and horny!” She whined.
“And you want to be naked and horny why?”
“Because you’ve hypnotized me into being your horny little slut!”  Darcy slumped back into the couch, eyes closed and breathing deeply.

Darcy sprawled across the couch and floated in the bliss of being near Sam.
“This is fun, do it again!” she begged.  “I love when you make me feel all warm and floaty and horny!”
“That’s a good girl, Darcy. Happy to have me hypnotizing you?”
“Oh god yes!  I’m so horny I just want you to make me feel good!” She wriggled on the couch, using her body to invite Sam to fuck her.
“Darcy, it looks like you are trying to tell me something.  What is it?”
“Oh Sam, I want you to fuck me, can you fuck me? Now? Please?”  Darcy pleaded with Sam.
“Darcy, why are you asking me to fuck you?”
“Because I want you to fuck me!”  she explained breathlessly.
“And why do you want me to fuck you?”
“Because I asked you to hypnotize me into being a sex-crazed bimbo!”  Darcy slumped back into the couch, eyes closed and breathing deeply.



Sam parked in the driveway of Alyssa’s house, and congratulated himself again on finding a play partner who liked hypnosis as much as he did.  He had been sitting at a table alone at the student union coffee shop watching people pass by when she had come up behind him, tapping him on the top of his head and making him jump a foot into the air.
“Watcha reading there, Sam-I-am?” she asked.  “Looks like a big dry text book!  We can’t have that, it’s practically the weekend!” 
“It’s a book about hypnosis,” he’d told her, “I’m reading it for an extra credit project for Psych 101.”
It had turned out that Alyssa had been interested in hypnosis ever since watching “The Jungle Book” in grade school.  “Something about Kaa, those swirly snake eyes, it pushed all my buttons before I even knew what that meant.  I’ve been finding people to hypnotize me ever since!”
Sam couldn’t believe his luck, running into a beautiful girl who got off on hypnosis and was willing to let him practice on her.  He’d asked her if she wanted to meet up the following weekend and she’d enthusiastically agreed, and now here he was at her doorstep.  His knock at the door was answered by a cacophony of barking.
“Sam!  Hi!  Don’t mind the dogs, they love to say hello to people.”  She ushered him through the front door into the presence of two twitching and excited border collies.  “This is Mollie,” she said, pointing to the smaller, slightly fox-faced dog, “and this is Tippie.”  The larger dog barked once when she heard her name, and stared adoringly at Alyssa.  “They really belong to my parents, but I’m dog-sitting while they are out of town.  Come all the way in, they wouldn’t hurt a fly.”  She led Sam through the kitchen and into the living room, pausing to retrieve a small gadget from off the counter.  “We’ve just been working on a little obedience training while we waited for you.”
“Do they need training? They seem so well behaved.”  Both dogs were sitting intently at Alyssa’s feet, obviously waiting for something.
“Oh yes, I keep working with them so they won’t forget their lessons.  My folks kind of let them do whatever they want, which includes things like jumping on people and barking at nothing, so I help train them pretty much weekly. Today we are really concentrating on being calm around strangers.”
“How does the gadget fit into all of this?”
“Oh, this?” she said, holding it up.  “This is a clicker.  Instead of rewarding them with a treat when they’ve accomplished a task, I click it.  Eventually they learn to associate the “click” with the task itself.”
“So when you click they know to do the task?  Instead of having to be coached to do it?”
“That sounds exactly like you’re hypnotizing them to respond to a trigger, like snapping your fingers or something.”
“You know, it does, I hadn’t really thought of that.  But you’ve reminded me of why you’re really here,” she said with a smile. “I’ll just let these two out to play in the yard and be right back.  Help yourself to something to drink if you want.”  She opened the slider door to the yard.  “Come on doggles! Time to scare bunnies out of the garden!”  The two dogs ran for the door, sliding on the hardwood floor and careening outside.  “There,” Alyssa said as she closed the door, “Now we can work without feeling like we’re being stared at.  Let’s go sit.”
*    *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *    

“All right, Alyssa,” Sam said after she had made herself comfortable on the couch in the living room, “We’ll do this just like we talked about at the coffee shop.  Go ahead and close your eyes if you want to, and just relax and listen to my voice.”  He talked her through a brief relaxation exercise and was pleased to see her breathing start to slow and deepen almost immediately.  “Now, Alyssa, I know you’ve done this before, I know you know how it feels to slow down and relax.  I know you know how it feels to let the world become still around you and inside you while you relax and listen to my voice.
“I know you know that the deeper you go the better you feel, and the better you feel the deeper you go.  Just repeat that for me now while you concentrate on your breathing.”
Alyssa took a deep breath, held it, and let it out.  “The deeper I go the better I feel.”  She took another deep breath in the same way.  “The better I feel the deeper I go.”  Sam let her repeat herself for several repetitions, then began to speak again. 
“As you keep breathing and repeating, Alyssa, I want you to imagine you are in a hallway.  At the end of the hallway is a door.  As you keep breathing and repeating, I’d like you to walk to that door, open it, and walk through.  When you’ve walked through the door, leave the words “the deeper I go the better I feel and the better I feel the deeper I go’ behind you and shut the door.”  He eagerly watched as her quiet chanting slowed, then stopped.  “Very good Alyssa.  Have you shut the door behind you?”
“Yes,” she said distinctly. 
“That’s interesting,” thought Sam, breathing deeply, “I always have trouble speaking clearly when I am hypnotized.”  He watched Alyssa breath for a little while longer, enjoying how the synchronicity of breathing with her made him feel. 
“Alyssa, there is another doorway at the end of the hall.  Can you see it?”
“Yes. I can see it.”
“I’d like you to walk through that doorway as well, and tell me when you’ve gone through and shut it behind you.”  He thought about how being hypnotized always made him feel a little warm, like he’d been basking in the sun, as he waited for her to speak.
“Okay, I’m through it.” She said.
“Good girl.”  Sam started to continue, but suddenly all his carefully planned words were gone.
“Good girl,” he repeated, stalling for time.
“Good girl,” he said for the third time, and had to close his eyes as a wave of disorientation hit him.
“Why would I want to be a good girl when I can be a bad girl?” asked Alyssa.  “Open your eyes Sam, and look at me.”  Sam struggled to open his eyes.  Alyssa was sitting up and looking at him, all the while breathing slowly and deeply. 
“Yes, Sam, I am still hypnotized.  This is one of my fantasies, having us both be hypnotized together.  Do you remember at the student union, when we talked about our fantasies?”
(“wouldn’t that be amazing?” she had said, looking deeply into his eyes. “both of us going down together?”  he had agreed and looked into her eyes, and been unable to look away.)
“Yes,” he said.  He could feel himself slipping deeper as he thought about the conversation.  She had said something about being deep and being triggered and


“That’s very good Sam, remembering us talking together about being hypnotized makes you feel more and more hypnotized right now.  And as you go deeper I go deeper.”  Alyssa shivered with arousal.
“Sam, do you remember at the student union, when we counted each other down?”
(“no one will even notice,” she had said.  “I’ll start. ten.” and they had continued to count down, alternating numbers, until Sam had started to feel distinctly woozy.)
“Yes,” he said, remembering more.  She had used the clicker then, hadn’t she? He began counting down.


“I bet you’re counting down right now, remembering it.  I am counting down too.” Alyssa moaned a little as Sam carefully started counting from ten to one, mouthing the words silently.
“Sam, do you remember at the student union, I said I would help you fulfill your fantasy?”
(“it’ll be so great.” She had said.  “you’ll hypnotize me and I’ll go deep, and you’ll fall with me.  fall so so deep without even knowing it.  you’ll call me a good girl when you are ready to have your fantasy fulfilled.”)
“Yes,” he said. His cock twitched as he remembered and heard


“Very good Sam, you’re doing so well. You’re making me wet right now, you’re turning me on so much, and the more turned on I am the more turned on you’ll be.”  She unzipped her jeans and slid her hand down into her wetness.
“Sam, do you remember at the student union telling me how to get you to cum?”
(after they had finished counting, they had imagined the kink that they each wanted to explore, and when she heard Sam’s, Alyssa had said “mmm, I love that idea, I’m getting turned on already, and as I get more turned on you get more turned on.”)
“Yes,” he said, his cock throbbing in his jeans.  He could hardly wait for the next

“Oh my god Sam, this is so hot, I’m getting so close to cumming, I’m getting so fucking close!”  She fingered her clit rapidly, gasping for breath.
“Do you remember…ooohhhh…Sam, do you remember, at the student union, agreeing to let me give you an orgasm trigger for when we played together?”
(she had been very stern as she told him that he would only cum when she told him he could.  he hadn’t minded.)
“Yes,” he said, his breathing gasping and ragged, but still in time with her.  They both gasped together as they heard


“In just a moment, Sam, oh god, in just a moment Sam we’re going to cum together, we’re going to cum together, all you have to do is remember what you told me your fantasy was.” She arched her back and continued to moan as she fingered herself.
“Sam, Sam, Sam do you remember telling me what your fantasy was? Do you remember?”
(you’ll scream them for me, Sam, three little words and when you do you’ll cum and when you cum I’ll cum”
“Yes,” he said, feeling his need grow as he listened to her writhe in front of him.
“Do it now Sam, now Sam so we can cum!”  she ordered him and


“Bait…” he gasped…


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