Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Experience of Feeling Normal (aka Friday night at WEEHU)

I am, in the words of every person, every where, who has ever started a blog, then ignored it in favor of other life events, really REALLY sorry that I disappeared for (gulp) 7 months.  +/- 10 days.  Or so.  I have a list of excuses that work well for me, I'm happy with them and will continue to use them in the future, the chief of which being that I had a lot of changes in my everyday life happen all at once and I don't handle change that well, so it took me quite awhile to get my feet back under me.

Or possibly it just took something really special to motivate me.

So (please refer to earlier blogs and reacquaint yourself with my tendency to over-use the word "so") this weekend was "WEEHU" the WEstern Erotic Hypnosis Unconference.  And it was AMAZING.  Who knew that all it would take to feel "normal" would be to spend a weekend surrounded by people often categorized by society in general as "abnormal"?  I have come to the conclusion that any time you get a community of people together that collectively is more creative and intelligent than average it will be inevitable that all the dimmer lights surrounding them will be blinded.  Or something like that.  I am also REALLY tired! So much of this non-pre-thought-out rambling will be neither original nor linear, but I can live with that.

Here is the anatomy of my weekend.  After working many, many days in a row in order to justify taking a lot of time off in a small period of time, I met up with my trusted traveling companions (thanks to Skyla and Naj for not, as my brother put it, reenacting the Saw movies with me) to drive to San Francisco.  Thankfully we were starting off in Portland, so it was a very manageable drive.  We had dinner, then got on the road and drove all night (Halloween night,) and got to our breakfast meet up by 9-ish.  Skyla and Naj went along without me to pick people up at the airport, and I had the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful sunshiny afternoon outside by myself, which frankly I really needed after all that working!  Then I got to commute the rest of the way with the wonderful Felix Krull, who MAY have tranced me a little bit on the way, something I have been looking forward to for weeks.  This weekend was actually the first time that I've ever had the opportunity to experience any hypnosis with a living, breathing human that I could reach out and touch, so I had a little impromptu list in my head of all the things I wanted to experience. Traveling-trance:  check!

That evening was the meet and greet and open halloween play party at The Citadel.  Is there a better place to have a costume party than a Dungeon?  I don't think so!  With that said, there weren't as many people in costume as I had hoped.  I am by nature not a 'mixer' (or a blender or a food processor) and spent most of the time sticking by the people I knew and letting them introduce me to the people they knew.  I lasted about 3 hours before being tired enough that I felt like I might pass out, and left to get some actual sleep.  Anyone I met Friday night, when I was covered in crystals and hopefully not looking as lost and out-of-place as I felt, but never said anything to again, it's most likely because I didn't remember meeting you!

I may <ahem> have gotten to have a wonderful experience outside of the play party that night which ultimately led to me getting a wonderful night of sleep.  Slept straight through 'til morning, which, as readers of this blog will know, is HIGHLY unusual, so pretty much the best first night of my first live get-together weekend EVER!

NOTE:  I started this Monday night, and it is now Tuesday afternoon and I find I'm having trouble writing it because it has sparked so many different ideas for other posts!  So hooray for that!  I will work on the rest of the specific WEEHU post offline and then post when it is more coherent.  For now, a million thanks to everyone who organized WEEHU and made it possible for me to attend.  The experience of feeling like a normal human, accepted and welcomed by the people around me, is one of the most priceless memories that I will ever have and I cannot really express how much it means to me.


  1. I cant wait to hear the rest of your words :)

  2. Awesome that you had fun. Ive missed just chatting with you too. I have news for ya!